Here's How To Enter The Gateway To
Unshakable Inner Peace... you can find shelter from your personal life’s storms
often in as little as the time required to take one or two breaths.
EnlightenQ is a technique that allows people just like us, real, everyday men and women, who live life in the fast lane, to follow the path of enlightenment and slip through the gateway to inner peace and happiness almost anytime and anywhere.
“To All Those Who Seek The Experience & State of
Enlightenment – You Are About to Learn A Technique
That Puts This Goal Within Your Reach”
Within 30 days we can coach a person who has zero experience with meditation and teach them how to become so familiar with their own unique feeling/sensation (the initial feeling of enlightenment) that they can invoke it almost anytime and anywhere to overcome any obstacle that, until NOW, may have been standing in their way... 

And they can do this day after day, week after week and alter the future path of their lives by seeing clear with vision that is pure and not clouded by preconceptions, habituated thought processes, assorted mental filters and mind clutter. 
Imagine having a personal coach who will help you to realize how to invoke this feeling of peace and calm so you can become more happy, more healthy, enjoy better relationships and improve the quality of your entire life.

What makes EnlightenQ different is the fact that it overcomes the issues of our modern day racing minds in a way no other technique or instruction has ever been able to before… 

Because it’s driven by immediate feedback so it takes away all the guesswork and you will absolutely know you are doing it right and you will know every time… and because it takes so little time it can fit into the busiest of schedules.
Until you actually experience the initial feeling/sensation of enlightenment, it’s difficult to understand the true power you access and how even just a few seconds can be greatly beneficial to both your mind and body… And as you become more familiar with your feeling/sensation, over time, you will reap rewards on every level of your being, and these rewards carry with you out into your daily life.
Now, because you requested access into my mini-class on enlightenment, let me share my vision with you: it's a CAUSE I'm inviting you to join today, along with the thousands of others who are ready too.

By some estimates, if just 1% of the world’s population attains enlightenment it will create a shift that will bring the other 99% along with us into a world that is greater than any of us ever expected to see during our lifetime...
As an early bird attendee, if you register to join the EnlightenQ Coaching Program today you will be assigned your own personal success coach who’ll answer all your questions and be there to advise and remind you how to benefit from each of the audio tracks… And they’ll make sure that your unique technique is delivering the results you need.

If you register today you will not only be assigned your own personal coach but you will also qualify for an exclusive bonus. You’ll love the deep relaxation and inner peace you experience in this bonus track and you’ll love it even more when you experience how the peace within you flows out and spreads peace to everyone and everything you come in touch with.
This Is For You If…
  •  You want to feel more comfortable with your life, less resistant to some things and more accepting of others
  •  You want to handle change more easily, feel less fearful and more fulfilled
  •  You struggle with assertiveness and not feeling good enough
  •  You struggle with a busy mind and you want to see clearly with vision that is not clouded by preconceptions,   habituated thought processes and assorted mental filters and mind clutter
 This Is Even For You If You Just Want The Quickest, Easiest,
And Smartest Way To Get The Happiness, Health 
And Peace of Mind You Desire And Deserve… 
If any of these scenarios fit you, then you need to get started and press the big orange button below and register now.

Download your 16 audio tracks from the private members only area and together, we’re going to craft you your very own unique technique for slipping into the silent stillness almost anytime and anywhere so you can become more happy, more healthy, enjoy better relationships and improve the quality of your entire life.

And you should know that thanks to our 30 day free look policy there is no downside, just two scenarios…
Scenario #1
Your personal coach who will teach you how to become so familiar with your own unique feeling/sensation that you can invoke it almost anytime and anywhere so you’ll never need to question ever again whether you are doing it right. 

You will absolutely know how to slip into the inner space where peace resides and find shelter from your personal life’s storms. As you progress with your personal coach and experience more peace of mind you will realize how priceless your unique technique is…
Scenario #2
You don’t use the resources or you decide for whatever reason that this isn’t for you. You’re protected by our 30 day free look policy. Just drop us a line within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll give you 100% of your investment back; no questions asked; no hard feelings. 

I honestly don’t think you’ll need this option but it’s there for you just in case.
In short, you get an amazing return on your investment or you get your investment back. It’s that simple. 

Plus, because you have completed the 3 Steps to Enlightenment mini-class you'll be one of the first through the doors as an Early Bird Attendee and there are real advantages to jumping in early...

So register now by clicking on the big orange button below and benefit from our early bird limited offer.

Martha Finally Got It...

Hello!!! :)

I have got it!!! :) Feel very pleased with myself. I have finished to listen to the first CD of the program about an hour ago. The CD "Me, myself and the universe" is just unbelievable, i don't have anything comparative with any of my meditation/relaxation (it is actually says preparation for meditation) CDs in my collection. Michael guides all the way through the CD and i feel myself now like i didn't spent even one minute in traffic jam, like i didn't work any hour today... I'm so pleased so far!!! Very excited about my journey with you tomorrow, Michael!!!

Everything is explained by Michael very clear in PDF i have downloaded with the CDs.

Thank you very much, Michael, i enjoyed it this evening, very fast relax, even don't know how long it took me as i didn't have any thoughts.... Is it normal????

Thank you very much!!!

With lots of love,
Martha :)

Karmoh - "Easy To Follow System"


Well I'm working through the CD's now and I truly believe I have found the missing link that has eluded me for 5 years. Although my meditations were of good quality I thought something was missing, something subtle. Then amazingly something about EnlightenQ attracted me, it was a fresh approach or technique and I haven’t been disappointed.

After spending yesterday afternoon listening, pondering and listening again. I have come to this early conclusion.

Occasionally someone comes up with a technique that is simple yet profound. EnlightenQ would have taken lots of research and experimenting to get it to the stage it is at. If you can imagine all the books and theories on meditation filtered and then condensed in to an easy to follow system that gives insight instantly, if only for a few moments (early stages for me, only one session) then this is it.

This morning’s meditation began with the basic EnlightenQ training and it opened my meditation to a new level, very subtle shift, but it’s there and it works.

To boot I have 30 days to evaluate the package.

I’ll keep ya posted on progress.

Peace :)
Karmoh - Project Meditation  Community Member

Wow EnlightenQ

So yesterday I got myself in as clear a place energetically as I could, and asked the question. I felt drawn to the opportunity to learn a meditation technique with a built-in feedback mechanism. My desire for consistent, undeniable, in the 'sweet spot' meditation experiences was motivating me to move forward with EnlightenQ. So I did.

I don't know how many years EnlightenQ has been in development but I do know a lot of research by Michael Mackenzie and his team has gone into developing this product. You can't just pull something like this out of thin air. Because of the way I was thinking about all this, I could not even contemplate deny Michael the right to financial compensation. I thought it was exceptionally generous that Michael gave a 30-day refund option with purchase if I was not completely satisfied! From my viewpoint that was showing complete confidence in the product from his perspective, and a no-lose opportunity for me. In other words it was a win-win proposition.

I've listened to CD 1 and 2, learned a few new things and experienced the 'sweet spot'! Holy Moly, it sure gets quiet and peaceful pretty quickly! My experience was very intriguing and I am hugely encouraged thus far given that I'm not yet into the actual Q technique! I love having the ability to give the mind and nervous system a complete rest through this process.

I once heard someone say "Life is a series of choices". At this time I am choosing to continue on my spiritual journey enhancing my spiritual practice with EnlightenQ. May the Blessings Be! :)

Spirit 77 - Project Meditation Community Member
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