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This festive season, I want your entire home to be filled with the peace and presence of the earth's natural protective frequency, embedded within the Limited Edition Christmas Classics album. No meditation required so it takes zero time out of your day to enjoy the amazing benefits! Read more about this timeless masterpiece below...
'Twas the night before Christmas And All Across the Land
The Good Folks At P.M. Had A Miracle Planned...
To Fill Every Home With Magic And Joy
And Create Peace and Harmony For Each Girl And Boy...
Introducing The Christmas Classics Album
(Incorporating the Earth's 7.83hz Natural Healing Frequency that Scientists call the Schumann Resonance)
Now, you can press play as you join together this Christmas and experience the Peace and Joy of this special time like you never have before...
The Christmas Classics album is so much more than an exquisite collection of 12 timeless Christmas Classics (including 4 enchanting solo vocals). 

Embedded within each track, and uniquely combined, are three scientifically proven technologies to greatly improve your health and happiness (More about them in a minute).

First we’d love for you to sample the album using the play buttons below…
 Example of vocal tracks:
 Example of non-vocal tracks:
Hundreds Of Scientific Reports Have Proven...
Fact #1:

Brainwave Entrainment (known as BWE in the neuroscience community) is one of the most powerful tools on Earth for dramatically accelerating your personal growth, inner peace and happiness…

When you are calm and relaxed, your brainwaves slow down. And within specific brainwave frequency ranges, your brain releases great
Brainwave Entrainment | Project Meditation
quantities of healing hormones. One of them is human growth hormone (HGH) which is known in the medical community to increase longevity... yes, it actually makes you live longer!

The exciting part is that you can easily and effortlessly trigger your brain to enter specific brainwave frequencies associated with deep relaxation… inner peace and calm… laser-like focus and concentration… euphoria and more!

… all while your brain is naturally releasing healthy doses of healing hormones and beneficial Neurotransmitters (many of which rapidly decrease as we age).

How is this all possible?
The proven science of BWE (Brainwave Entrainment). By simply delivering sound frequencies to your brain through your ears and/or body (many of which are completely undetectable to human ears), your brain is brought into alignment with the frequencies that deliver the wonderful benefits and sensations I've described above.

Not only do you experience noticeable benefits immediately... when used over time, the rewards can be completely life transforming! 
Credible scientific studies have shown BWE to improve IQ by 23% (and in certain cases far more than that!).

Other studies have shown reduction in pain associated with headaches, migraines, and PMS.

And other studies have shown remarkable improvements in memory retention and recall.

And the list goes on and on.

Other forms of personal development, such as reading and listening to audiobooks increase your knowledge of information. BWE goes beyond that. Because it changes you at the cellular level.

And it can even help you to retain and remember more of what you read!

Best of all, it doesn't have to take any extra time out of your day
Fact #2:

Certain classical music pieces possess great powers in the healing of mind, body and spirit and are used for a variety of non-musical applications from healing centres to the classroom...

Classical pieces from the "Baroque era" with a tempo of 60 beats per minute have been associated with increased learning and greater information retention.

These Baroque pieces are also associated with the "Mozart Effect" – where the rhythm of the music triggers an influx of creativity into the brain in just minutes!

This is no myth. Studies have proven it in the lab and in the classroom. In fact, the effects on memory, retention, increased test scores and GPA were so great, the 'geeks' of neuroscience have given this effect another name… "Superlearning".

Long before neuroscience came around, wise ol' Socrates hit the nail on the head with his statement…

"Music has a more powerful potential to educate than any other educational medium, because harmony and rhythm of naturally structured music find their way into the deepest depths of the soul and unfold its natural beauty and dignity."Socrates

You may have experienced greater mental clarity and focus while listening to classical music before. But you haven't seen anything yet.

Because I'm going to let you test drive some of the best Baroque pieces that have been enriched with brain-enhancing rocket fuel! More about that in a moment.

Now this could be the most important fact of all...
Schumann Resonance | Project Meditation
Fact #3:

The natural frequency of the "Schumann Resonance" creates a healthy, happy balance and protects you from EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) pollution...

"Since life began, the Earth has been surrounding and protecting all living things with a natural frequency pulsation known as the Schumann Resonance".
Modern technology within the home and workplace cause immense disruption to this natural, protective frequency. Microwaves, washing machines, hairdryers, computers, cell phones and televisions are just a few of the countless items that contribute to this disruption.

Electromagnetic pollution from modern technology can cause you to feel more stressed, fatigued and "out of balance".

Here's the biggest problem of all:

Most of us just turn a blind eye to the fact that these invisible EMF waves are chewing away at our health – around the clock in most cases.

For example, if you or your neighbors have Wireless Internet (WiFi), those waves are shooting through your body constantly – even right now, as you read this. (EMF penetrates through walls and nearly all other physical barriers.)
Even without WiFi, your computer or mobile phone are firing these harmful waves at you.

And without thinking much about it, the ill effects take you into a downward spiral. Most of us don't realize that the reason we're feeling stressed out, depressed, or even a little "off" has anything to do with these invisible EMF waves.

But they take their toll on you whether you think about it or not.

Especially because the adverse affects of exposure to EMF are so vast and appear to occur over prolonged periods of time.

This is really scary stuff…
While technology is driving the advancement of the human race, it's simultaneously killing us, literally.

There are statistical analysis that suggest things such as cancer, hypertension, cardio, neurological, Leukemia, Alzheimer's, reproductive and other diseases may be triggered and/or aggravated by disruptions in the Schumann Resonance that push it either too high above or too far below the master 7.83Hz frequency.


Science has also shown that by duplicating (and surrounding yourself with) this master 7.83Hz frequency, you can help offset the nasty effects of EMF.
I'm about to show you how you can use 
this protective 7.83Hz frequency... 
To Shield Yourself And Your Family From This Almost Inescapable Harm. 
Play the Limited Edition Christmas Classics album over open speakers or with headphones and enjoy the only product that infuses timeless Christmas classics with all the proven, life enhancing benefits of the Schumann resonance...
  As you listen to your exquisite arrangement of Christmas classics, the scientifically proven audio technology embedded within will guide you into perfect states of bliss and harmony, creating inner peace and calm.
  Experience the nostalgia of spreading peace, harmony and goodwill to all. Feel the cosiness of family and friends gathering round the fire after carolling in the snow. Add to this a feeling of fresh hope and a quiet awestruck awareness of pure joy.
  Opens the floodgates to abundance, peace and harmony in your home.
  Automatically dismantles stress and negative thoughts from your mind.
  Works for you and your entire family.
  You will be enthralled by the refreshing peace and harmony this timeless masterpiece brings into your home.
  Delight your friends by playing the Christmas Classics album in the background when they visit. They'll be dazzled with the ambiance within your home this festive season.
  Spark the perfect atmosphere with the Christmas Classics Album while you enjoy your family Christmas dinner.
  Play it for the kids to enhance focus and concentration during festive season craft time.
  You'll love the peace and tranquility you experience as your body, mind and soul are immersed in the protective frequency of the Schumann Resonance. 
  Not designed for meditation, which means you don't have to set aside any spare time to enjoy it's countless pleasures. However, because it incorporates LifeFlow audio technology you should not play while driving. 
"The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other."
Burton Hills
Your purchase is 100% guaranteed.  If you’re not happy with The Limited Edition Christmas Classics album for any reason, simply let our friendly support team know within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll happily refund every penny. No hard feelings.
Fill Your Home With The Peace, Presence & Power Of The Earth's Natural Protective Frequency This Festive Season... Not Even Scrooge Can Resist This Power...
With The Christmas Classics Album at 50% OFF...
*iPhone is shown for illustration purposes only. The Christmas Classics album can be used on any device including computers or MP3 players.
The Christmas Classics Album | Project Meditation

Fill your home with the peace and presence of the earth's natural protective frequency embedded within the Christmas Classics album that will restore and improve the quality of your entire being for just $67. But right now, you can take advantage of your 50% Off Discount and get everything for a low, one-time offer of only $33.

Don’t risk missing out. Order today to save a massive 50% and enjoy all the incredible benefits of the earth's natural protective frequency so you can feel rested, rejuvenated and energized this holiday season!

Regular Price $67   Today $33
The LIMITED EDITION Christmas Classics Album Incorporates The Same Technology As the Much Loved Classical Magic And here's how Classical Magic has greatly enhanced the lives of our clients...
Leonie Thompson
"I love using the few programs that I have. The classical music which I have experimented with by playing it in different situations including my late mother's hospital room and taking a bunch of adolescents camping over the Easter break here in Australia. 

Very profound affects in both situations most evidently the change of atmosphere from heightened anxiety to serene calmness at my mother's bedside vigil, I will always remember the change in my mother's face from fear to peace and heightened excitement to really focused community spirit when camping. The beauty is the change in atmosphere just happens without conscious awareness."
"It's great for Tai Chi classes as well as yoga.

Both classes are doing well. We use the Classical Magic track all the time, and people love it as background for their Tai Chi practice. It sends me into a trance in just a couple of minutes, and I can feel everyone else calming and focusing too. It's a great track for Tai Chi - and other meditation!"
Patrick Hesselmann
Arizona, USA
Top American Doctor Uses Classical Magic In His Practice
One of America's Top Chiropractors Dr. Stickle who has been in practice for over two decades, and is well respected among his peers and patients, so much so that he was published in the book "Top Chiropractors in America" in 2005, purchased the well loved Classical Magic back in 2010. And here is a snippet of the letter he sent me...
"... "Classical Magic" is a grouping of wonderful classical music with the LifeFlow technology woven underneath it. I have found that this is great background music during patient treatments. Patients often go to sleep and tell me that they wake up feeling like they have slept for hours and that they feel deeply calm inside. I often do Craniosacral work and having the patient relax fully allows me to do my best work..."

Dr. John D. Stickle, Santa Cruz, CA, USA
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